Pizza Cookery Gluten Free Menu

The Pizza Cookery gluten free menu is terrific. For those of you who are not familiar with Pizza Cookery, it is a Woodland Hills pizza place. Not only does Pizza Cookery offer gluten free menu choices, but, they take pride in doing it right.  Please note that there are other Pizza Cookery locations that have split from this original’s chain and may or may not offer the same high quality gluten free menu options. This write up is based totally on the menu of the Woodland Hills location

The Original Pizza Cookery - Gluten Free on the Town



Gluten-free ingredient notebook and gluten-free policy and procedure manuals
available upon request. We have taken the utmost care in preparing this menu
for you. We have educated our staff on the importance of cross contamination
and have taken precautions to maintain the integrity of gluten-free food handling.
We are certified by the Gluten-Intolerance Group for gluten-free food handling.

Pizza the way you like it – your choice of dairy mozzarella, soy mozzarella
or casein-free vegan mozzarella cheese on a flavorful, herb-infused,
gluten-free crust.

Toppings -
Ground Sausage, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Basil, Pepperoni, Fresh Sliced Mushrooms, Fresh Garlic, Canadian Style Baco,  Green Bell Pepper, Fresh Cilantro, Salami, Black Olive,s Pineapple, BBQ Chicken, Onion, Jalapeño, Sliced Eggplant, Sun-Dried Tomato, Artichoke Hearts, Anchovies, Extra Cheese, Feta Cheese, Pepperoncinis, Capers
Gluten-Free Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza
Mozzarella cheese, fresh sliced mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, black olives,
green bell peppers and sliced red onions
Gluten-Free Southwestern Pizza
Mozzarella cheese, BBQ pizza sauce, BBQ chicken tenders, sliced red onions
and fresh cilantro
Gluten-Free Gourmet Garden Pizza
Mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, fresh garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and
fresh cilantro
Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza
Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, olive oil, basil, fresh tomatoes and
fresh garlic
Gluten-Free Mediterranean Pizza
Mozzarella cheese, olive oil, artichoke hearts, fresh garlic, capers
and fresh tomatoes
Gluten-Free Greek Pizza
Mozzarella and feta cheese, red onions, pepperoncinis, fresh tomatoes
and oregano
Gluten-Free Mexican Pizza
Mozzarella cheese, jalapeño peppers, green bells peppers, red onions,
cilantro and sausage
Gluten-Free Penne Alfredo
Our homemade alfredo sauce atop gluten-free penne pasta

Gluten-Free Vegan Eggplant Parmesan
Sliced eggplant baked with gluten-free, vegan, Italian bread crumbs
layered with Daiya cheese, baked with marinara sauce and topped with
melted Daiya cheese

Gluten-Free, Vegan Veggie Lasagna
Fresh veggies layered with gluten-free noodles, seasoned tofu cheese and
spices, baked with sauce and topped with melted Daiya cheese

Gluten-free penne pasta with meat or marinara sauce
With two sausage links, add
From The Sensitive Baker. Served with our famous butter.

Gluten-Free Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Vegan Caesar, Honey Mustard,
House Italian, Fat Free Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar
Our Famous Antipasto Salad
Fresh romaine, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, pepperoni,
Cotto salami, Mortadella, garbanzo beans, sliced red onions and
fresh tomato

Caesar Salad
Fresh romaine, tossed with our Caesar dressing, topped with grated
Parmesan cheese and gluten-free croutons

House Italian Salad
Fresh romaine, mozzarella cheese, garbanzo beans and
fresh tomato

Mushroom Salad
Fresh sliced mushrooms piled atop fresh romaine with mozzarella cheese
and fresh tomato

BBQ Chicken Salad
Hot diced white meat BBQ chicken served over fresh romaine with
sliced mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, sliced red onions and fresh tomato

Tuna Salad
Our special recipe white albacore scooped high atop fresh romaine
with hard-boiled egg and fresh tomato

You may substitute vegan casein-free, Follow Your Heart or Daiya cheese
for regular mozzarella

On gluten-free herbed Focaccia bread from The Sensitive Baker.
Served with gluten-free French fries and cole slaw..

Tuna Sandwich
Our special recipe white albacore with shaved iceberg lettuce and
fresh tomato slices

Turkey Sandwich
Turkey breast, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion

Italian Cold Cut Sandwich
Cotto salami, Mortadella, provolone cheese, shaved lettuce,
fresh tomato slices, sweet red onion and house Italian dressing

Melted Cheese Sandwich
Oven baked mozzarella and provolone cheese with shaved lettuce,
onions and tomatoes with house Italian dressing

Side of Veggies - Steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots

Bakery Items
Assorted gluten-free, individually wrapped cookies and brownies
All natural, sugar-free, sodium-free, no artificial flavor, color or sweetener
Root Beer, Twist, Orange, Black Cherry, Cola
Honest Kids
All natural organic drinks Assorted flavors
Gluten-free Redbridge Beer

Applebee’s – Gluten Free Menu

Applebee’s started with the same philosophy they follow today – focused on serving good food to good people. Today, what was once a popular neighborhood restaurant has grown to become a popular restaurant in neighborhoods all across North America – with almost 2,000 locations and counting. They have a limited gluten free menu that comes with the standard warnings of shared equipment. Though they list french fries on their gluten free menu, they do also state that there is not a separate fryer oil for gluten free items.

Applebee's - Gluten Free on the Town


Chips & Salsa
Queso Blanco

Applebee's - Gluten Free on the Town

Not Including Sides
New York Strip
Steak Toppers
Grilled Onions
Tuscan Bean Soup with Chicken & Sausage
Baked Potato – Regular and Loaded
French Fries (Update: These are NOT gluten-free as they are not made in a dedicated fryer)
Signature Cole Slaw
Fruit Side
Garlic Mashed Potatoes – Regular and Loaded
Seasonal Vegetables
Almond Rice Pilaf
Mexi Rice
Herb Potatoes
Add Grilled Shrimp
Crispy Red Potatoes
Not Including Sides
Napa Chicken & Portobellos
Fiesta Lime Chicken
Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp
Chicken & Shrimp Tequila Tango

Applebee's - Gluten Free on the Town

Salads WITHOUT dressing
Grilled Shrimp ‘N Spinach Salad
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad
Salad Dressings
Creamy Bleu Cheese
Garlic Caesar Dressing
Honey Balsamic
Honey Mustard
Mexi Ranch
Oriental Vinaigrette
Jalapeño Dressing
Green Goddess Dressing
Not Including Sides
Blackened Tilapia
Savory Cedar Salmon
Pico de Gallo
Balsamic Glaze
Black Bean Corn Salsa
Signature Slider Sauce
Sour Cream
Napa Valley Red Wine Sauce
Chunky Roma Pepper Relish
Chimichurri Sauce
Alfredo Sauce
Honey Barbecue Sauce

Chili’s – Gluten Free Menu

Who doesn’t know Chili’s? It’s everywhere, has food to please a wide variety of people, and is decently priced. The main question here is – what’s there for the gluten free eater? Well, their gluten free menu is slim, but, there are some tasty choices available, and you’ll definitely be able to get a full gluten free meal if you choose well. Always specify the need for gluten free and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Chili's - Gluten Free on the Town

As with most places, Chili’s does have the standard warning -

“We have prepared this suggested list of menu options based on the most current ingredient information from our suppliers and their stated absence of wheat and gluten within these items. Please be aware that during normal operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, including common fryer oil, the possibility exists for food items to come in contact with other food products.
Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu items can be completely free of allergens.”

“Chili’s Restaurants are not gluten-free certified operations, nor are the ingredients that it sources certified gluten-free. The suggested options below are based solely on current ingredient information from our suppliers and their voluntary stated absence of gluten. Please consider the information here within, and your individual dietary needs when deciding to order from this menu.”

Chili’s full allergen menu found here – Menu

Loaded Baked Potato
Southwest Chicken w/o Tortilla Strips

Caribbean Salad: Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken Caesar Salad w/o Croutons
House Salad w/o Croutons
Santa Fe Chicken Salad w/o Tortilla Strips

Avocado-Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Citrus-Balsamic Vinaigrette,
Honey-Lime Dressing, Honey-Lime Vinaigrette, Honey-Mustard,
Low-Fat Ranch, Ranch, Santa Fe, Thousand Island

(Listed w/o garlic toast and sides)
Chipotle Garlic Butter Sirloin
Classic Ribeye
Classic Sirloin
Steak Toppers: Sautéed Mushrooms
Spicy Garlic & Lime Grilled Shrimp

Black Beans, Corn Kernels, Loaded Mashed Potatoes,
Mandarin Oranges, Mashed Potatoes w/o Gravy, Rice,
Steamed Broccoli, Sweet Corn on the Cob

(Listed w/o sides)
Memphis Dry Rub

(Listed as served unless otherwise stated)
Classic Sirloin
Grilled Chicken Salad w/o Corn Salsa
Grilled Salmon
Margarita Grilled Chicken w/o Tortilla Strips

(Listed as served unless otherwise stated)
Bacon Jack Grilled Chicken
Grilled Salmon w/ Garlic & Herbs
Monterey Chicken w/o Sides
Chili's - Gluten Free on the Town
(Listed w/o Bun, Fries and Onion Strings)
Classic Bacon Burger
Guacamole Burger w/o Roasted Jalapeno
Mushroom-Swiss Burger
Oldtimer Cheese Burger
Southern Smokehouse Burger

(Listed w/o sides and bun)
Grilled Chicken Platter
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Little Mouth Cheeseburger

Ancho-Chile Ranch, Avocado Slices, Bacon, Guacamole,
Mixed Cheese, Original BBQ, Pico de Gallo,
Salsa, Sautéed Mushrooms, Sour Cream


Outback Steakhouse – Gluten Free Menu

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. Outback offers a pretty decent gluten free menu selection, you just need to know what to ask for! There’s a wide variety of gluten free entree choices, and some great sides and salads available.

Outback Steakhouse - Gluten Free on the Town

Appetizers - 
Seared Ahi Tuna Sashimi-style Tuna rubbed in bold spices and seared rare with creamy ginger-soy sauce and wasabi vinaigrette.
Avoid both dressings.

Grilled Shrimp Sprinkled with seasonings and wood-fi re grilled. Served with on the Barbie remoulade sauce.

All salad dressings are GF, except Mustard Vinaigrette
and Blue Cheese dressing. Request no croutons on salads.
Request salads be mixed in a separate bowl from other salads.

Aussie Chicken Wood-fire grilled or crispy chicken, fresh mixed greens, chopped.

Cobb Salad hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, bacon, shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese and freshly made croutons. Tossed in your choice of dressing.
Request no croutons. Avoid Crispy Chicken.

Steakhouse Salad Seared sirloin, mixed greens, Aussie Crunch, tomatoes, red onions, cinnamon pecans and Danish Blue Cheese vinaigrette.
Avoid Aussie Crunch.

Shrimp or Chicken Caesar Salad Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie or wood-fi re grilled chicken, romaine and freshly made croutons. Tossed in our housemade Caesar dressing. Request no croutons.

Burgers and Sandwiches
Burgers are cooked to order and served with Aussie Fries. Aussie Fries are not GF. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato. AVOID THE BREAD. Burgers are made from 100% beef. Bacon, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, cheeses, BBQ sauce, pickles, and honey mustard sauce are all gluten free.
The Outbacker Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mustard.
Classic Cheeseburger Topped with your choice of cheese, American, Swiss, Provolone or Cheddar and lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mustard.
Aged Cheddar Bacon Burger Topped with aged Cheddar, bacon, pickles, onions, lettuce,  tomato and mayo.

Signature Steaks
Outback Special Our signature sirloin is one of our leanest cuts, hearty and full of flavor.
Victoria’s Filet The most tender and juicy thick cut filet.
New York Strip Full of rich flavor.
Ribeye The steak lover’s steak is well-marbled, juicy and savory.
Porterhouse A flavorful strip and filet tenderloin together.
For even more flavor, add one of these to your favorite entrée:
Grilled Shrimp
Lobster Tail

Outback Steakhouse - Gluten Free on the Town
Alice Springs Wood-fire grilled Chicken chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms, crisp bacon, melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar and honey mustard sauce. Aussie Fries.
Aussie Fries are not GF. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.
Grilled Chicken on the Barbie Seasoned and wood-fi re grilled chicken breast with our signature BBQ sauce. Fresh seasonal mixed veggies. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

New Zealand Lamb Finished with a rich Cabernet wine sauce. Garlic mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal mixed veggies.
Avoid the Cabernet sauce. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.
Wood-Fire Grilled Pork Chop A lean wood-fire grilled pork chop. Garlic mashed potatoes, fresh steamed green beans and Creole marmalade.
Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Baby Back Ribs Smoked, wood-fire grilled and brushed with a tangy BBQ sauce. Aussie Fries.
Aussie Fries are not GF. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Sweet Glazed PorkTenderloin(based on availability) Slow-roasted and drizzled with a sweet tangy glaze. Garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed green beans.
Avoid crunchy crumb topping. Order green beans or vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Specialty Cuts and Combos
Ribs & Chicken on the Barbie 1/3 rack of baby back ribs and a wood-fi re grilled chicken breast. Aussie Fries.
Aussie Fries are not GF. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Filet & Grilled Wood-fire Shrimp petite filet paired with seasoned and grilled shrimp on the Barbie. Dressed baked potato.

Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp Our signature sirloin paired with Grilled Shrimp. Choice of two freshly made sides. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Herb Roasted Prime Rib(Based on Availability) Seasoned and slow-roasted prime rib. Hand-carved to order and served with traditional au jus. Avoid au jus.

Filet & Lobster Tail A tender and juicy thick cut 6 oz. filet paired with a seasoned and grilled lobster tail. Choice of two sides. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Straight From the Sea
Perfectly Grilled Salmon Seasoned and wood-fire grilled Salmon. Fresh seasonal mixed veggies.
Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Simply Grilled Tilapia Seasoned and grilled Tilapia. Fresh seasonal mixed veggies.
Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Simply Grilled Mahi Seasoned and wood-fire grilled Mahi served with fresh seasonal mixed veggies. Avoid rice garnish. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Hearts of Gold Mahi Grilled Mahi topped with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, green onions and a light lemon sauce. Served with fresh seasonal mixed veggies. Avoid rice garnish and light lemon buttersauce. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Lobster Tails Two cold water tails simply steamed or seasoned and grilled. Served with your choice of two freshly made sides.
Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute with baked potato.

Freshly Made Sides

  • Fresh Steamed Broccoli
  • Fresh Steamed Green Beans
  • Fresh Seasonal Mixed Veggies

Request all vegetables without seasonings.

  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Dressed Baked Potato
  • Sweet Potato
  • Grilled Asparagus

Signature Side Salads
House Salad Request no croutons.
Caesar Salad Request no croutons.
Avoid Aussie Crunch.
All salad dressings are GF, except the Mustard Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese dressing. Be sure to request no croutons and request salad be mixed in a separate bowl from other salads.

Gluten Free Kid’s Menu Just for kids under 10. Includes a beverage and choice of side.

Aussie Fries are not GF. Order vegetables without seasonings or substitute
with baked potato. AVOID THE BREAD.

Burgers are made from 100% beef. Bacon, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, cheeses, BBQ sauce, pickles, and honey mustard sauce are all gluten free.

Boomerang Cheese Burger

Joey Sirloin Medallions

Grilled Chicken on the Barbie

Junior Ribs

Spotted Dog Sundae – Avoid OREO® cookie crumbles.

As always, specify your gluten free needs, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for substitutions!

Pick Up Stix – Gluten Free Menu

Pick Up Stix is quick casual Asian influenced dining with more than 70 locations in California. Pick Up Stix, like many Asian dining options, uses soy sauce in a lot of their dishes. While they do not have a gluten free soy sauce option, there are a couple things on the menu that are listed as gluten free. You won’t have a large selection, but stick with these basics and make sure to specify that you need it gluten free. From all accounts some locations seem to be more accommodating than others on assuring this.

Pick Up Stix - Gluten Free On The Town

  • Edamame Gluten Free 150 cal – Soybeans steamed until tender and perfect.
  • Japanese Miso Chicken Salad 370 cal Gluten Free
  • Thai Coconut Curry 210 cal Gluten Free – White chicken with fresh green beans, red peppers, carrots, white onions and broccoli in our creamy Thai coconut curry
  • Grilled Bourbon 310 cal Gluten Free – Tender grilled chicken tossed in our sweet and savory bourbon sauce
  • Chicken Pad Thai (2) 670 cal Gluten Free  -Rice noodles in our tangy Pad Thai sauce with green onions, carrots, egg,
    peanuts and bean sprouts.


Yard House – Gluten Free Menu

The Yard House is a bar and grill with multiple locations throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. The restaurant took its name from the 3-foot-tall glass containers originally designed in Great Britain and used to hand stagecoach drivers after a long journey by horse drawn carriage. Each Yard House location features a center island bar and an endless fleet of tap handles ranging from classic lagers to more obscure ales. Awesome for beer drinkers, but, is there a gluten free menu for those of us that are gluten free? Yes and no. They do feature ciders, and a couple of bottled gluten free beers, but, their menu comes with a warning for those of us keeping gluten free.

Yard House - Gluten Free On The Town


Yard House is not a gluten free environment. Products containing gluten are prepared in our kitchens. The following items are menu suggestions that can be modified for gluten sensitive guests. Please let your server know your preferences.

Panera Bread – Gluten Free Menu

With a word like ‘bread’, right in the name, what are the chances you’ll find a good gluten free meal here? You have some awesome salad choices (hold the croutons) and, if you’re hip to the “Hidden Menu” your chances are great!

Panera Bread - Gluten Free on the Town

Being a predominately sandwich shop, there happens to be a large risk of cross contamination at Panera Bread. So just watch out for that and be sure to let your server/cashier know that you are gluten free and have an allergy

From there, they should know what precautions they need to take to avoid cross contamination.

In terms of the Panera gluten free menu, you have quite a few choices, especially for salads. Just make sure to specify no croutons.

Overall, the Panera Bread gluten free menu is actually pretty good in terms of selections as well as food quality.

Panera Bread Hidden Menu (all gluten-free)

Panera Bread Hidden Menu (all gluten-free)

Breakfast (gluten free options)

  • Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey
  • Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak

Panera Bread - Gluten Free on the Town

Lunch and Dinner (gluten free options)

  • Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad
  • Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad
  • Power Chicken Hummus Bowl
  • Power Steak Lettuce Wraps

Panera Bread - Gluten Free on the Town

  • Greek Salad Caesar Salad (without croutons)
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Caesar Salad (without croutons)
  • Asian Sesame Chicken Salad (without Won Ton noodles)
  • Classic Cafe Salad
  • Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (G)
  • Chopped Chicken Cobb Salad (G)
  • Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Salad (without croutons)
  • BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad
  • Fruit Cup – Watermelon
  • Seasonal Mixed Fruit Cup

Salad Dressings

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Caesar
  • Greek
  • Poppyseed Dressing
  • Asian Sesame Vinaigrette
  • White Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • BBQ Ranch
  • Light Buttermilk Ranch


  • Low Fat Vegetarian Black Bean
  • Creamy Tomato (without croutons)

Panera Bread is located throughout the United States and Canada.

Hugo’s Gluten Free Menu

One of my favorite things about Hugo’s, aside from their seriously tasty food, is the very clearly marked menu. They offer up some delicious vegan, vegetarian, and of course, gluten free options. They also clearly listed items that CAN be made gluten free. Always a great thing.

Hugo's - Gluten Free on the Town

Hugo’s proudly boasts, “We have eliminated gluten from our cooking, except for obvious wheat-based products (bread, tortillas, and some pancakes & pastries), by substituting rice or potato flour, Tamari Soy Sauce, and Bragg Liquid Aminos”

Unlike many restaurants where the question is, “what few things are safe for me to eat?” at Hugo’s, those of us seeking gluten free choices will find many, many options!

From the breakfast menu, awesome choices like Chilaquiles, Go Green Frittata, Eggs Blackstone, Green Tamales & Eggs, Almond Energy Pancakes and Blueberry Pancakes are among your gluten free choices. By my count you have 19 gluten free choices all together, and 4 more that can be made gluten free upon request.

Off the starter menu, every item, with the exception of a bread basket is either gluten free, or can be made gluten free. Gingseng Chicken Soup,  Asian Spring Rolls, Nachos, and even Mac and Cheese (gluten free by request) are fantastic gluten free choices.

Every salad, with the exception of the Caesar, which can be made gluten free is listed as gluten free. How great to not have to wonder if a seemingly safe salad will be loaded with croutons or flour tortilla strips!

On a 9 item sandwich menu you have 4 choices that can be made gluten free, such as the Cuban Sandwich, or Club Sandwich, and one that is gluten free – Kale Tacos wrapped in GMO-free corn tortillas.

10 pasta dishes on the menu – and surprise! Every one of them is available gluten free on request.  Hugo’s offers a 100% organic red lentil gluten free pasta. Mac and Cheese, Carbonara, and many more await you.

The main entree menu only has one item on it that is not, and can not be made gluten free. Choose from things like Turkey Meatloaf, Hugo’s Shepard’s Pie, Mushroom Marsala Chicken, or the Green Tamale Plate. The create-a-plate option is totally vegan, and gluten free.

Got a gluten free kid? You’re in luck!  Hugo’s even has a gluten free kid’s menu, offering 4 items that either are, or can be made gluten free.

And to finish it all off – dessert! Yup, even a selection of gluten free desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth. Brownie Tort, Pumpkin Pie, and Maple Pecan Cheesecake are just a few of the many decadent sounding options.

Hugo’s is a place that I feel good about eating, they take pride in their menu, and their ingredients -

Hugo’s exclusively uses:
• Organic coffee, tea, herbal infusions, grains, beans, ketchup, mustard, sugar, soy milk, rice milk and tofu.
• Vegan pasta made here with organic semolina and flax seed.
• Organic free-range eggs grown locally.
• Hormone and antibiotic-free steaks and hamburgers, from pasture-grazed cattle.
• California fresh chicken.
• Zero trans-fats for deep frying.
• Seafood from sustainable sources, harvested in a manner that does not harm the environment. We proudly
follow the guidelines of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.
• Filtered water for drinking, all beverages, ice and cooking. We have bottled water available; however we
encourage you to take advantage of our free filtered and sparkling water. Recent reports on bottled water
have indicated that transporting bottles and bottle waste negatively affect the environment.

Hugo’s has 3 locations – Studio City, Agoura Hills, and West Hollywood