Tender Greens Gluten Free Menu

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The Tender Greens gluten free menu really just is their menu because most of their food is naturally gluten free. If you haven’t been to Tender Greens before, it is a great healthy casual food spot set in a relaxed environment. You look at the menu, pick what you want, and then walk down a cafeteria style line to pay and get your food. They mostly serve salads and proteins with side dishes. Tender Greens has locations across California and is perfect for healthy eaters.

Tender Greens Gluten Free Menu - Salt & Pepper Chicken w/ Simple Kale Salad

Here is what is on the Tender Greens Gluten Free Menu:

  • All Salad Dressings except for the Sesame Dressing
  • All Salads (be sure to check ingredient lists for the obvious gluten items)
  • All Hot Plates (Note: The one I am not sure about is the Chipotle BBQ Chicken. They say it has no allergens but BBQ sauce can sometimes have gluten in it so proceed with caution)

Note: All Sandwiches and Soups are NOT gluten free.Tender Greens Gluten Free Cookie

Another very important thing I would like to note about eating at Tender Greens is bread. They serve a piece of bread with their salads. I don’t know why they do this because this place would seriously be an A+++++ in my book if they didn’t do this. Instead their rating goes down in my book for this practice. I have asked for my salad to come without bread only to see it smothering my lettuce and contaminating my salad. Not good. So make sure you are very clear about your needs for a gluten free dish when ordering. If you are celiac, please proceed with caution as I am unclear on their practices of cooking items in the same areas as the bread as they do not have a separate menu noting their gluten free items.

I also noticed Tender Greens now has gluten free cookies for display in their dessert section. This could be a good option for those with a sweet tooth but again – can’t speak to the cleanliness of their kitchen practices.

What about you? How has your experience with the Tender Greens Gluten Free menu been? 

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