Juicy Ladies Woodland Hills Gluten Free Menu

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Juicy Ladies Woodland Hills Gluten Free Menu

Juicy Ladies is an Organic Cafe and Detox Bar located in Woodland Hills, CA. They have many gluten free items on their menu but not everything is gluten free so make sure you choose your selections carefully. I love this place and go here all the time after visiting my doctor who is located in the San Fernando Valley.

Juicy Ladies Woodland Hills Gluten Free MenuHere is a list of the Juicy Ladies Gluten Free options:

  • Wraps: All sandwiches and wraps can be made using a gluten free wrap. Be sure to check the ingredients in the wrap. We are unsure what the heck is in “vegan bacon” and “un-tuna salad” so proceed with caution.
  • Smoothies: All smoothies are naturally gluten free except for the hemp granola parfait.
  • Eggs: Most of their egg dishes tend to be gluten free but they do come with bread so please read the ingredient list.
  • Desserts: Juicy Ladies has a variety of baked goods. Some are vegan. Some are gluten free. Some are both. They should all be labeled so make sure to read the labels before you put any of that sugary goodness into your mouth.
  • Soups: Juicy Ladies often has a soup of the day. Be sure to ask the server if their soup of the day is gluten free.

Overall Juicy Ladies is a great spot to find a good, naturally gluten free meal. My only advice would be to watch out for their fake meat creations (they don’t serve meat there) because many of these types of products tend to not be gluten free.

You can’t go wrong with a shake or a gluten free wrap from Juicy Ladies. My favorite is the hummus wrap made with a gluten free wrap and a Chocolate Almond Shake.

What about you? Have you ever eaten at Juicy Ladies in Woodland Hills? What has your experience been like? 

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