In N Out Gluten Free Menu

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In N Out Gluten Free MenuIn N Out Burger is one of those places that you wonder if you can eat anything gluten free. Well, the good thing is most of their ingredients (minus the bun) are naturally gluten free.

If you are looking for a gluten free meal at In N Out, we suggest ordering the following:

-A Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Double Double made Protein Style. This is where they wrap the burger in lettuce instead of using a bun. Order ketchup and mustard instead of the spread. The spread seems to be a Thousand Island style sauce and we’ve heard mixed reports on whether or not it is gluten free. Many people have reported no reaction and some have so proceed with caution. I always order my burger from In N Out protein style with ketchup and mustard instead of spread and it tastes great!

-Fries. The In N Out fries are gluten free because they don’t fry anything else there so there isn’t a high risk of cross contamination like you might have at other restaurants.

-Shakes: All In N Out Shakes are gluten free. You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Go on, indulge yourself. Order a neopolitan shake which mixes vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry together for a real yummy treat.

We really like In N Out for gluten free dining. However, even though In N Out gluten free menu provides you with a lot of options there is still a risk for cross contamination because of their buns and how often they are being prepared. You may also risk cross contamination with their spatulas in the kitchen. If you ask your server to separate your burger to help avoid cross contamination they may be willing to do that. It’s worth a try.

Overall we find In N Out’s gluten free menu to be a good, relatively inexpensive meal when you’re on a road trip or looking for a quick bite to eat.

If you are interested in finding an In N Out Burger near you, here is a list of their locations: In N Out Locations list.

If you’ve had an experience with In N Out’s gluten free menu, please let us know in the comments. 

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