Five Guys Gluten Free Menu

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Five Guys Gluten Free MenuMmmmm…a juicy cheeseburger! I walk into Five Guys and immediately I see the consumer reviews posted on the walls. I’ve heard about Five Guys and their infamous burgers. Since I’ve learned I had Celiac, it had been years since I had a good burger. I’ve heard the staff at Five Guys has training in handling gluten-free requests. When I mentioned to the staff that I had to be gluten-free, they knew exactly what to do.  They flagged my order as an allergy with special instructions and no bun.

Five Guys is burger and fries place. Even though they do not have gluten-free buns, their burgers are gluten-free and they’re handmade, not from frozen burger patties. However, you do have the option of having a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I prefer my cheeseburger with some grilled mushrooms without the lettuce wrap. It gets a little messy eating with your hands. So, I eat my burger with a fork and knife.

Five Guys French fries are hand cut and fried in a dedicated fryer. They’re very tasty and remind me of Boardwalk Fries from my times at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. I like mixing my burger and fries with some ketchup and mayonnaise, eating it like a meal.  The toppings are gluten-free, including the A1 Steak Sauce and barbecue sauce. However, the malt vinegar is NOT gluten-free. If you’re not in the mood for burgers, Five Guys also serve hot dogs, which are also gluten-free (must be without the bun).

Here are some tips for ordering at Five Guys:

  • Make sure you let the staff know you are gluten-free
  • Order your burger without the bun. You can request a lettuce wrap if you’d like
  • French fries are made in a dedicated fryer
  • Toppings are gluten-free except for malt vinegar

So, if you’re on the go and looking for some juicy goodness, Five Guys is the place to satisfy that craving with a juicy, flavorful burger.  And, don’t forget the yummy fries!

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